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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Need to Sell Off Your Things?

Perhaps you are in so much debt that you need to sell your belongings. Sometimes it's all people have left, and may give a glimmer of hope. You can sell your things by advertising on classified ads - but the newspapers are a hit or miss proposition. You usually have to spend a lot in newspaper advertising to get any results, and run the ads several times. It's tough to figure out the exact category to place the ads into - some people might look for such item in a certain are, others in a different area. If you are trying to sell things to cope, you can't afford to pay to advertise.

You might try a garage sale, but don't expect much profit. It costs money to set up in a flea market, though it is a god way to showcase what you have.

Online auctions and classifieds can work pretty well, if you target the right audience. There are many free classified advertising places on the Internet. I haven't found paid classifieds to work any better than the free ones, in all truth. Auctions should also be pretty stable to be effective - many have come and gone, causing people to waste a lot of time writing up their ads and bid, with no results. The best auction place is eBay, and the cost isn't bad - just make sure to have a very good write-up for your items, and be prepared to ship them. After all,
people will buy almost anything - just this week common snow from Colorado sold for $200.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Have You Been in an Auto Accident?

If you have recently been in an auto accident, you might have
to wait for awhile for your insurance payment. Did your car
get totaled? Did you get injured? Do you need that
insurance money now?

Insurance companies have the right to wait up to 6 months
to pay you an insurance settlement. Right when you thought
you could pay off your mounting bills since you were not at
fault, you find out your insurance payment is dragging out.

What would you do? Perhaps you are unable to work, or you
get paid once monthly, and cannot wait until your next pay
check to pay the bills, or to go to the doctor.

If you are able to work, you could try a payday loan to front
you some cash to get by (only up to $500, but make sure you
fully understand the terms before you agree to this – it may
be a bad deal). You could approach family member for a loan –
but borrowing from family could strain relationships, especially
if the money isn’t repaid as agreed. You could refinance your
home, but that might also take awhile, or be a problem if your
credit isn’t good.

Another option you might not realize there is, is that you can
get an advance on your insurance payment. Your credit isn’t
an issue (unless you are in bankruptcy), and you can get an
advance in as little as 24 hours. The red tape isn’t nearly as
intensive as applying for a loan, and the repayment is
secured only by the insurance settlement that is to be paid to
you. You have no risk – it’s non-recourse funding, so if your
insurance doesn’t pay, you don’t have to pay anything back.
Real injuries (not soft-tissue) have the best chance of receiving
the funding.

Now you see you have some options – don’t get more
stressed out than the accident has already caused you to be.
See what option works out best for you and take care of
your financial issues.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Non-Recourse Funding

Non recourse funding means that there is no risk to you. It means the funder assumes all the risk in the case that whatever you are taking a loan or funding against falls through. If you are trying to settle a lawsuit, and take out an advance against the lawsuit, but then you end up not winning the lawsuit, and it doesn't
pay - non-recourse funding means you do not have to repay the advance or loan. These types of conditions are rare in most lending situations, but should exist on a lawsuit advance agreement. Make sure you work with a funding company that offers non-recourse funding for lawsuit advances, or you can get stuck with paying back something you cannot pay back. There are plenty of other funders to contact that
do offer non-recourse advances, so don't get locked into one that doesn't.

We offer non-recourse funding for lawsuit and insurance advances. or call 888-414-4260

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Calling in Checks?

Be careful when you call in a check, or when inputing onto a secure order site. You need to be very careful to write or repeat the check routing numbers from the bottom of the check correctly. The routing numbers must be exact or your charge may never go through, not to mention you might send it to another account, which will, at some point, investigate you and you may be liable for the bad transaction, not to mention getting a late charge dinged onto the payment from the company you tried to pay.

You need to make sure that the check number on the top right matches the last of the routing numbers on the bottom of the check. If it doesn't, the payment again won't go through on a physical check you turn in somewhere.

Check your balances carefully with each payment you make. If payment was made through a website, or given over the phone, the person who keys in the check payments may get the numbers wrong by mistake. This happened to me on a $99
check that was actually cashed for $990.20 - and my account was overdrawn! There was a lot of hassling to correct the mistake, and get funds wired back in to cover the costs of the other incoming checks I had outstanding, coming in. Be certain that most institutions will not work this fast, and will not wire the funds back so quickly - it is likely an investigation will take longer and will take longer to reconcile a refund to your account.

Make sure that anyone who has regularly cashed your check payments, whether on a monthly basis or on a single transaction, has the correct routing number and amount. Check your accounts to make sure the checks are cashed in the amounts you authorize, and make sure that it is cashed within days of your expectation of it cashing - to make sure the payment has gone through as expected.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Foreign Lottery Scam

If you get an email about winning an overseas lottery - discard it! It is certainly a fake, and requires you to wire or send money in order to "release" the funds to you. You can bet you'll never see your money, or the lottery money. Also, don't bother funding agencies with a request to either lend you the "release funds" or get an advance on the amount you were told you would win. They won't take it seriously,
and won't take on a case out of the U.S. in most cases. If you truly feel it is real, have your lawyer look it over and check up on it. And think - when did you ever enter into such a drawing?

If you have a legitimate U.S. run lottery you won, and are getting installment payments, but need future installments paid now, see

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Your "Comments"

If your comments are legitimate and useful, as in commenting on the blog, I will approve it. If it is a cheap means to promote your own site, using a form letter I see over and over, it will not be published. When someone tries to promote his own site by writing a very bad, unrelated comment, it is just not professional. Please refrain from sending these "comments" - you're wasting your time.

On Top of New Developments

We pride ourselves in being able to offer the newest industry trends in the funding industry. We will update our site to include any and all new developments that we can work with.

Need more funding after a prior advance, or a lower interest rate on a prior advance? We'll try to buy out your prior advance and work out a new advance, giving you more if you wish, and trying to lower your interest rste.

Need surgery from your accident? We look after your needs to try to help you - get your needed surgery or medical attention, and thereby strengthening your case. Once your case is made stronger, you can get a bigger advance if you need it.

For more information, go to or call 888-414-4260 to talk to us.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Need Your Insurance Settlement Now?

An insurance settlement may take time to pay out - once settled, it can legally take up to 6 months to pay. If you are counting on your insurance settlement, but have to wait longer than you had anticipated, you might need to consider an advance on it. If you were in an auto accident and need medical attention, can't work until you recover, your work is not compensating you for your time off, and you have bills to pay, but have to wait for the insurance settlement to pay you, there is the option of getting an advance on a portion of the insurance settlement. See if this can help you out, give you some breathing room to get by until you are back on your feet. We'll discuss this option with you. or call 888-414-4260